Autism Transformed is the Nation’s Leading Autism Reversal program helping over 20,000 families and counting reverse symptoms.

Feeling shocked, hopeless, confused, alone after a diagnosis or suspecting autism?


  •  Lost sleep, being up all night with a waking child.
  •  Walking on eggshells, hoping the next meltdown doesn't come.
  •  Constantly managing behaviors, especially out in public, at family's and friend's houses.
  •  Revolve their lives around special meals, therapies and taking turns being with kids.
  •  Sacrifice time with other children and their partner to take care of their child with special needs.
  •  Stop going out or on vacation - it's just too much to manage, easier to stay home.


  •  KNOW there is something they can do to help their child, which is the opposite of what most pediatricians tell them.
  •  Suspect autism based on behaviors and development, but are on long wait lists to receive an official diagnosis.
  •  Don't want to 'label' their child, but want real help for developmental issues.
  •  Were seeing normal development; and then one day - regression of skills.
  •  Have tried many therapies and supplements without seeing much shift.
  •  Search endlessly on the internet for what can truly help, but are just not sure what really will help.


  • Walked through the day with a calm presence
  • Connected with you throughout the day with eye contact, answering to his name, telling you about her day at school
  • Played with friends at school, siblings at home
  • Listened to and followed your direction
  • Sat at dinner with you for the entire time, without getting up and moving
  • Sat with the family and played games for an evening
  • Walked quietly by your side in the grocery store
  • Sat down to do homework, and actually focused and completed it without nagging?

The Transforming Autism Jumpstart Program
can do this for you.

This program provides real, lasting shifts.

Because it works at the Foundational Level within the body, resolving
the root causes of autism behaviors -
without medication, wasting years on therapy or spending a fortune.

Autism Transformed, LLC

“He's very happy in the mornings, waking up and exited and happy to go to school everyday. He smiles getting off his school bus and greets me with a hug and kiss; he is always very excited to see me and in a great mood. This is a big gain, as he was always very moody after school. He also recognizes traffic lights - understands red is stop and wait, and green is go - and patiently waits and anticipates it. ”

Patrick, 11-yr old boy, Ireland

Autism Transformed, LLC

“He is social and interested in people, eye contact has been the best, improved in the past few months; the teachers at school see it. He is playing with little brother more, is more tolerant, tells him things. In general he looks more mature in behavior, very normal. ”

Steven, 6-yr old boy, California

Autism Transformed, LLC

“He continues to get good reports from school. They noticed an improvement in his joint attention and started to see him mimicking behavior. He does seem like he has been making more sounds and has been trying to get our attention when he wants something or to sign for more food which is new. Overall he is calmer with less bad days and less meltdowns/tantrums. He is doing lots of puzzles, solving more problems, and spending a lot more time out with the family rather than in his room all the time. ”

David, 4-yr old boy, Oregon

If you're ready to stop the endless cycle of trial and error and finally start seeing real, lasting changes for your child...

This is for you.

The true root causes of autism are that the body is simply too toxic to function and develop properly.

Add to that - the body's poor ability to detoxify.

The root of poor detoxification typically isn’t genetic. It is usually toxicity preventing the detox machinery from working.

When heavy metals, mold, industrial toxins, pathogens, Candida, parasites are tackled and eliminated, the body heals (like it's designed to) and the behaviors shift!

This is tough to accomplish when the body is stuck in an energy-deficient state, so it can’t eliminate those toxins. There’s just not enough cellular energy to power up all the biochemical reactions within the cell. The result is cells - and the brain and body -  ‘just getting by’. The cells do just enough work to survive, without the energy to actually heal and thrive.

And this Total Load of stressors negatively affects the gut, which also contributes to autism behaviors. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

The gut is home to our microbiome, our single-celled friends who help us in so many ways. 


  • Provide detoxification machinery to break down things like industrial and environmental toxins. [6]
  • Help make Vitamin B12 and other nutrients. [7] 
  • Make the chemicals that are used to make our neurotransmitters - that make us feel good, feel happy, feel connected. [8]  
  • Help digest food. [9]

And we just keep putting those toxins into the body unknowingly! Just through living, breathing and eating the standard Westernized diet.

The body's Total Load is building if you are still

  • Eating non-organic food [10]  
  • Drinking tap water or even some type of ‘purified’ water [11]
  • Eating fast food [12] 
  • Consuming conventionally raised meat [13] 
  • Eating processed foods (anything that was put together in a food company that is not a fruit, vegetable, meat - crackers, tortillas, chips, cookies, bread, pizza, chicken nuggets, most brands of french fries) [14] 

And if you live near a

  • Factory producing chemical air pollution or dumping water waste into a river or on the land [15] 
  • Freeway [16] 
  • City with lots of cars and car exhaust [16] 
  • Farms where crops are sprayed with pesticides or herbicides [17]
  • Play on astro-turf or certain playground equipment [18] 
  • Eat from cans or plastic packaging, especially if you microwave it [19] 
  • Have any off-gassing home products like particle board walls, furniture or floors [20, 21]
  • Have furniture or clothing with fire retardants sprayed on [22, 23]
  • Use air fresheners or cleaners with chemical names you can’t pronounce [24] 


Introducing the Transforming Autism
Jumpstart Program

This 8-week program uses supplements and a customized protocol that will begin to gently open up and cleanse the most critical drainage organ, the colon. By the end of the program you’re likely to see shifts like less anxiety, better eye contact and attention, greater calm. Because each child is unique, results varies person to person.

The Transforming Autism Jumpstart Program includes:

Module 1: Toxicity and Elimination

Learn the contributing factors to autism behaviors, and how you will begin to eliminate them from the body -
through the bowels.

Module 2: Starting Your Child’s Customized Protocol

Together we review your child’s history and current state, customize the protocol, order supplements.

Module 3: How to give your child the supplements

Learn the strategies and tips for a smooth integration of supplements with your child’s body, and what to do it you run into some roadblocks.

Module 4: Learn how to balance supplements

Understand what the supplements do so you can balance and manage the process, reducing potential backslides. 

Module 5: Recommended dietary changes for more rapid results

Guidance on what toxic food to remove to help enhance the the detox process. Reducing more toxins from entering the body helps create faster shifts.

Module 6: Celebrate gains! Minimize signs of rapid elimination

Let’s celebrate the shifts your child is experiencing so far. Recording and sharing wins is an important part of this process, as is guidance on how to minimize 'reactions'.

Module 7: Prepare to tackle long-present pathogens in the body

Nearing completion of the Jumpstart Protocol, learn about the next step in opening up drainage and eliminating chronic infections.

Module 8: Moving towards more shifts: A look ahead

You will learn where to go from here to complete what you’ve started. The next steps in repairing the gut and enhancing digestion and unclogging the drainage pipes! This is where the big shifts in behavior come!

To create real, lasting shifts in autism behaviors, you need to address what’s going on inside the body first.

The Transforming Autism Jumpstart Program is the only one of its kind to start shifting behaviors by beginning the process of:

  • Methodically removing the hidden toxins from the body that prevent optimal detoxification.
  • Providing cells with energy so ALL biochemical reactions can improve.
  • Restructuring the body and brain to work better.

This program is designed to show you rapid results and encourage your continued engagement beyond the 8-week Jumpstart.

True healing and deep shift takes time; it's just the way the body works. We will:

  • Begin to clean out the gut.
  • Support organs of detoxification and elimination.
  • Support brain cell growth and development.
  • Reduce anxiety, lethargy, hyperactivity, meltdowns, sleeplessness.
  • Assess your home’s toxicity level and understand how it may be contributing to autism and family members’ health challenges.
  • Learn ground-breaking home detox tools.
  • Learn about and access our favorite supplements that actually get inside the cells, the only place supplements can work.
  • Utilize our proven protocol that is creating shifts every day in children with autism.
  • Receive expert guidance and hand holding throughout the process.


Pick the pricing option that best fits your needs:


Transforming Autism Jumpstart Program



8 weekly modules

With Guidance through the protocol that helps begin shifting autism behaviors

  • 2 1:1 calls
  • Community Membership


  • 10 Strategies to Help Kids Take Supplements
  • Snack Trade Out Guide

Transforming Autism Jumpstart Program

2 Monthly Payments of $275

8 weekly modules

With Guidance through the protocol that helps begin shifting autism behaviors

  • 2 1:1 calls
  • Community Membership


  • 10 Strategies to Help Kids Take Supplements
  • Snack Trade Out Guide

Do you have questions? Check out our FAQ section.   VIEW FAQ 

If you’re tired of trial and error (mostly errors) with supplements, protocols and therapies that don’t do much, and are looking forward to seeing lasting behavior shifts and neurological growth, then join now!

In the Transforming Autism Jumpstart Program you’ll get:

  • Access to a proven protocol to improve your child’s elimination of destructive toxins
  • Expert guidance throughout the protocol
  • A one-on-one coaching call to customize the protocol for your child
  • Inclusion in the Transforming Autism Program Membership for 2 months
  • Two live Q&A coaching calls per month (4 calls total)
  • Inclusion in our private Membership Forum to post questions and successes any time, 24/7
  • How best to begin giving supplements in the protocol to minimize ‘detox’ reactions
  • Which foods are creating toxicity in your child and what to give instead
  • Access to practitioner-quality supplements


  • 10 Strategies to Help Kids Take Supplements
  • Healthy Foods Trade Out Guide
  • An end-of program call to assess progress, celebrate, explore next step
Autism Transformed, LLC

“After doing the massage you recommended he went from pooping once per day to 3-4 times per day, starting with first thing when he wakes up. The dark circles under his eyes are faint now, he's more energetic and happier!”

Justin, 2-yr old boy

Autism Transformed, LLC

“From years of chronic constipation to: Going up to 2x per day to the restroom most days of the week.”

Ray, 10 - yr old boy

Autism Transformed, LLC

“Her teacher said she is doing really well. The reading teacher says she has been really focused the last 3 weeks in her "Wired for Reading" program for dyslexia - it's clicking for R; she is getting it and is moving forward vs doing a lot of review, like she was before.”

Rosie, 13 - yr old girl

Autism Transformed, LLC

“He is doing puzzles, taking turns with his brother (new) and more aware and able to participate.”

Justin, 2 - yr old boy

Mom on computer

Hi, I'm Luminara Serdar.

Scientist, Nutritionist, Autism Transformation Expert

And over the last 10+ years I've helped children and families, just like yours, make steady and consistent improvements in their children's behaviors and symptoms we call Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

I've helped hundreds of kids shift autism behaviors by cleaning up the body. I use a proven protocol to methodically, in the right order, help the body's cells function better. This leads to neurological development, skills improvement, and behavior shifts.
LSHeadshotin blue
Autism Transformed, LLC

“Carly has been doing great since her last session - we are seeing a lot of progress in her speech and her ability to communicate what she wants. She also responds when we say her name and has a lot more of eye contact with people. She also started to imitate words and actions from us and the therapists and follow simple instructions, like clean up and wait. Social: she's been doing really good too! She’s stared to play with other kids. For example, on Thanksgiving she was playing and having a good time with her cousins. She's also been a little more aware of her little brother in the house and calls him by his name now. On the sensory aspect she’s more open to touch, different textures.”

Carly, 4-yr old girl

Autism Transformed, LLC

“He's been getting ready faster and very compliant with his bathroom routine, with using the suppositories and all. He still stims by running around the living room while we are at home but at much less frequency than before. He's continuing to have a bowel movement everyday with the help of the Pedia Lax suppositories. On occasions if we are out of town and don't have time at night for him to have a bowel movement, he tends to go on his own the next day. There's been a few days where he's going on his own without any suppositories. He's also able to wipe on his own and he not had any accidents. ”

Andy, 7-yr old boy

Autism Transformed, LLC

“Lars's mood seems pretty good. He’s less tired and lethargic and has actually been waking up around 6am most mornings. His hair is still coming in, and his skin still seems like it’s doing better. He still has occasional breakouts but it seems easily controlled with his topicals. He has lost a lot of weight and seems healthier overall.”

Lars, 14-yr old boy with allergies, alopecia, migraines

Autism Transformed, LLC

“He is continually doing new things. Normally in the tub in the morning, I tell him to soap up, he says yes, and then doesn't move. Today he already did it on his own. It's a major step to motor process, be intentional and go through the process without prompting. I am seeing independence and novel communication. ”

Derek, 28-yr old man




The Transforming Autism Jumpstart Program is meant to help alleviate stressors on the body that cause dysfunction and cumulatively create the behaviors we call autism. We have found that this first step of our longer protocol (The Transforming Autism 12-Month Program) takes burdens out of the body and improves behaviors like anxiety, anger, moods, attention and even more. If this sounds like what you want, join us!


We don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information at once. You’ll receive immediate access to the “Getting Started” module upon purchase and get access to new content only after you've completed the previous module. You can make your way through each module's content at your own pace, going quicker or slower as you need. We suggest giving your brain a few days break in between modules to help you digest what you learn, piece by piece.


While there is a standard protocol, we like to customize it for each child based on individual assessments. Because we may recommend adjustments in the standard supplements, we cannot necessarily predict which ones you will need or the cost of all of them.


For the 4 basic supplements, the cost is around $265. If we think you need other ones, the cost will be a bit higher and depends on which supplements we recommend.


We offer forever access to the course! We know that everyone's healing journey is different, so this gives you the opportunity to take the course at your own pace and revisit it over time.


While we use a US based supplement company, they also ship internationally. They are unable to ship to Spain, Germany, Africa. However, many clients have got around this by using a courier service, which typically knows how to get supplements imported without the customs hassles.

In the UK and Europe, we use a local distributor.


Because this product contains digital components with instant access, it is considered used upon purchase. As such it is non-refundable.

If you change your mind, we would prefer to have a discussion about why, and see if we could still help you. If you need to postpone starting the program because of mitigating circumstances, the program will be here waiting for you when you are ready to resume.

Autism Transformed, LLC

“Sleep is better and he’s listening better and responding more appropriately. He’s using his communication book at school and therapy much more consistently! He’s eating better and gaining weight! He is wanting more independence when going from one place to another in class (instead of always holding his hand) and is following directions with less prompting. ”

Lukas, 8-yr old boy

Autism Transformed, LLC

“Louis has transitioned well into the classroom. He is always attentive and participates in all of our lessons. I have noticed that he has been making friends and has even initiated social situations with his peers. We have a daily greeting that we do and it is nice seeing Louis start to feel comfortable with his friends.”

Louis, 7-yr old boy

Autism Transformed, LLC

“Overall he's been awesome. Pretty flexible, less tantrums and rigidity has been better. His nervous system seems better overall - better with little kids and with dogs. When we think he will have a meltdown, he doesn’t. There has been a lot of change and he's been great with it all. He's been really adaptable. He is feeling better in his body. ”

Ricky, 6-yr old boy

Autism Transformed, LLC

“My daughter is commentating on actions on a TV show for first time ever - 'kids playing', 'girl swinging'. She also answered a question I asked (whereas she hadn't done that before). She is also connecting more with her big brother, taking his hand to go do something in the house together, running around, engaging. And she told him for the first time, I love you!”

Sarah, 11-yr old girl

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